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Aluminium Profile

Deck Prop

It forms a V-shaped prop head. It supports the deck and bears the load coming on the deck panel.

Deck Prop Length

It is the length of the prop. It depends upon the length of the slab.

Deck Mid – Beam

 It supports the middle portion of the beam. It holds the concrete.

Prop Head for Soffit Beam

 It forms the soffit beam. It is a V-shaped head for easy dislodging of the formwork.

Soffit Length

It provides support to the edge of the deck panels at their perimeter of the room.

External Corner

 It forms the external corner of the formwork system

Internal Corner

It connects two pieces of vertical formwork pieces at their exterior intersections


 It is a supporting component of the wall. It is L-shaped (Size: 50mm x 65mm and 100mm x 65mm) panel having allotment holes for stub pin.